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Do you need an Emergency Dentist?

Dental Emergencies in Ibiza

Do you need an Emergency Dentist?  We give you the solution now.

“I have a toothache in Ibiza, while on vacation”, “A filling fell out of my tooth”, “Your teeth are broken”. These are just a few of the many problems that warrant an urgent visit to the dentist. 


If you need urgent dental care. You can always count on our help.  

It’s as simple as calling right now.  Simply send us a WhatsApp message or call us at  +34657013444

What you need to know
San José Dental Clinic, has a specialized service for Dental Emergencies, which implies a priority in the service to solve the urgency.

Emergency services have a fee depending on the hours of operation, the day, the characteristics of the service and the treatment.
It is essential that you first tell us what the characteristics of your Emergency are in a simple call. In this way we can advise you and obtain a more precise budget. Call us without obligation.
Contact us directly at 657013444
If you want send us a Whatsapp and we will answer you as soon as possible
Here you can access the directions to get to the Clinic